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Feili, the chain smoking monkey, a 16th century depiction of Muhammad at the Ka'ba

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Social Commentary and Rants

Giraffes, the Director's Cut

Fucked up Animals, revisited

The Problem with Carrot Cake

Reader Mail
The Remasculinization of America Reader Mail Victim #1
Duck Hunt!
Thanksgiving of the Deep    
Track and Field: Sport or Bullshit  
The Problem With Uggs  
Gas Prices, Donald Trump and You're Sore Ass  
How To Dupe a Country With A Photo (Except for College Students With Too Much Time)  
Goombas: the Hidden Catastrophe  
Philosophy in The Best Show Ever Made  
Ligers: Conspiracy Through Hollywood  
Skiing And Snowboarding: More Dumb Sports  
Is Spongebob Squarepants Gay? The Question of the Millennium  
So, did you see a commercial in the last 3 minutes of 2004?  
Christmas Time is Here, and it officially sucks  
Santa Claus Is A Big, Fat, Fucker  
Saving Private Ryan, and the 'degradation' of Morals in America  
The Tragedy  
A Tribute to the Cup  
Movie Reviews Updated 11/15/04  
The Passion of the Christ, Alternate Endings!  
More Stupid Animals  
Coco's Post Election Report Results and Criticism  
Golf: The Evil Empire and the Man at work  
The Real Reason(s) that we should all vote this year, or, Coco's Election Guide 2004  
Why Giraffes Are Not Real  
The AIM Phenomenon - A Social Study and Complaint  
Why I love Midterms  
The Original Coco-Commentary on Popping the Collar  
A Tribute to Sealab 2021  
Commentary: The GI Joe PSA Ban  
College Dining Services: A Comprehensive Article  

Pictures and Other Stuff:

Pictures from Break, Update: October 18th, 2004

October 4th 2004 Update

Watch Villanova get 0wned by God 10/4/04

September 27th, 2004

September 20th, 2004

August 30th, 2004

August 9th, 2004

Some pictures, freshman year


Pages I recommend:

www.google.com - Of course

www.wikipedia.com - Best online encyclopedia ever, with edit-ready pages by registered users.

http://www.adultswim.com/ - The best thing ever to happen to late night TV.

http://www.wsu.edu/~dee/BUDDHISM/DHAMMA.HTM - A page with a short summary of Buddhism, and a copy of the Dhammapada, one of the central Buddhist holy works.

http://dmawww.epfl.ch/roso.mosaic/dm/murphy.html - A little site on Murphy's Law, which is to be followed to the letter if you ever want anything to work.

http://maddox.xmission.com/  - Maddox. Need I say more?

http://www18.homepage.villanova.edu/allison.iciek/home.html - The personal Villanova web page of Allie Iciek (which isnt really running because she took it down), who is currently a working person and an alum of Nova, and also kind of funny. Sometimes. Usually, I just get hit with umbrellas by her. This site may or may not work, I don't really care.

http://www.djs1w.com/jrobinson/jr0/   -  The personal web page of John Robinson, another Trombonist and fellow at arms.

www.planetblacksburg.com - The online newspaper of Virginia Tech, edited by Andy Mager, the l33test mafucka out of Downingtown. This is a picture of the Infamous HNIC 

http://www.xanga.com/link916 - The personal Xanga page for one Lindsey Patterson, anarchist (learned from the best), unofficial zoology expert, and a former member of Those That Sat Next To the Insane Trombones In Band (ie, the bass clarinets... not as crazy as me, but they get respect). Go to Lindsey's page to find more 0wned pictures.

Picture of the Century:

Nothing like watching a kitten get 0wned. RAR!

And of course giving the proper payback.