In the Social Self Lab, we conduct research aimed at figuring out how people’s selves are impacted by the social world, as well as how the social world impacts people’s selves. Currently, we are conducting a variety of projects looking at the interplay of identity and relationship processes.
Lab Projects
We have a variety of research endeavors ongoing at any point in time. We are almost always looking for individuals who are interested in psychological research to help us by participating in our research. Most of our research takes place in the Social Self Lab in Tolentine Hall at Villanova University.

Interested in learning more about what we do or coming to the Social Self Lab to participate in research? Contact us at socialselflab@villanova.edu.

From time to time, we conduct also research online and we are always looking for participants!

Please check out the studies below to participate in one of our ongoing studies!


If you are over the age of 18 and in a romantic relationships you are eligible to participate in this study. There is no compensation, but you may find it interesting. The catch is that both you AND your romantic partner need to complete the survey. Go here if you’re interested:

Interested in working in the Social Self Lab? Contact Dr. Slotter at erica.slotter@villanova.edu.

    Faculty and Postdoctoral Assistants
               Dr. Erica B. Slotter

    Graduate Assistants

           2011-2012 Emily Morse & Laura Winger
           2012- 2013 Nadya Soto Fernandez
           2013-2014 Deborah Ward
           2014-2015 Lyuboslava Kolarova
Lab Members